5 Cups Every Day is Like Sunday Herbal Tea BIO - 20 Pyramid Tea

8.50 a piece


Just for you. Everyone asks you for something and your life is frenetic? To those who want to stress you out, shout: "No, I won't do that right now! I'm going to have a drink and then I'm leaving'". With this herbal blend, you'll lock in a moment all to yourself, your #metime. Pieces of carob and lemongrass accompanied by blackberry leaves, with rooibos and turmeric pieces that are perfectly balanced with each other. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy. Forget the everyday life for a second, take time for yourself and make this moment a long, carefree Sunday!


Green rooibos (30.5%), lemongrass (15%), curcuma root pieces (10%), carob pieces (10%), cinnamon (9%), sweet blackberry leaves (8%), lemon balm (7%), chamomile flowers (5%), spearmint (5%), pink pepper. Certified organically grown: PL-EKO-01

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