5 Cups Lederhosen Spirit Herbal Tea BIO - 20 Pyramid Tea

8.50 a piece


Close your eyes and breathe deeply. The scent of freshly mown alpine meadows, the fresh breeze from the snow-capped mountains and a heavenly peace tell you: this is the right place for you. Surrounded by nature, feel your body absorb the energies of this landscape. Lederhosen Spirit will remind you of those incomparable moments on the mountain meadows, and all in the comfort of your own home, with a cup of tea in your hand. Every sip smells of spring and warms you up inside! And the best thing is: without caffeine, you can enjoy this herbal blend whenever you want.


Lemon balm, rosehip (20%), apple pices (18%), sage (9%), chamomile flowers (9%), lemon verbena, sweet fennel, lemongrass. Certified organically grown: PL-EKO-01

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