5 Cups Lemon Lazy Afternoon Fruit Infusion BIO - 20 Pyramid Tea

8.50 a piece


Give yourself... Time, love, desire. It doesn't matter what, but give it to yourself. And this refreshing fruit infusion is an absolute delight, just for you. Orange and lemon peel and sweet notes of apple and liquorice are reminiscent of wide meadows and flowery avenues. Italy can suddenly be felt underfoot and the violinist... yes, come on, never mind, you know what we mean. With a base of white hibiscus enriched with lemongrass, lemon myrtle and ginger, this blend will delight you with its lightness. A composition of fruit, freshness and a hint of fire! It's true, you've recognised it: it's la Bella Vita.


Apple pieces, ginger (15%), white hibiscus flowers (15%), orange peels (9.9%), lemongrass (8%), lemon myrtle (5%), hibiscus flowers, liquorice root, lemon peels (0.1%). Certified organically grown: PL-EKO-01

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