Passion for tea

1994.  In the heart of Bolzano, the first specialist tea store is born. For Peter, originally from Vienna and a big fan of tea it is a dream come true.  Finally he can share the tastes of his childhood and relive alongside other tea lovers the hours spent as students in the comfortable lounges of Kaffeehäuser.

In our Peter's TeaHouse we wish to recreate the atmosphere of Viennese cafes: much more than just places to enjoy a sip of tea, but rather places to live a multi-sensory experience, where the sense of taste and smell together with sights and sounds allow you to lose yourself in the pleasure of tea.

Immersed in the atmosphere of tradition, you can breathe the charm of Oriental culture, as it merges with the contemporary.  Because this is what tea is all about: culture and hospitality.


Our logo

Our logo includes a symbol of a pagoda, which in far eastern tradition is a sacred building or tower-shaped pyramid. The pagoda also brings to mind the roof of a home, symbolising hospitality and a warm welcome, values on which our company is founded. The green colour of the logo recalls the connection to nature, and all things natural, because tea is first and foremost a product of nature.


Our TeaHouses

When you enter our TeaHouse, time seems to stop as you become wrapped in an intoxicating perfume.

In a warm and friendly atmosphere we offer a wide selection of teas from around the world, fruit infusions  and herbal teas.  We also offer carefully sourced food to delight the palate and accessories for every tea time occasion from around the world.

Our staff, experienced and passionate about tea, will accompany you on a journey made of exotic aromas recalling distant lands, mysterious cultures and special moments.

Alto Adige


Alto Adige