Darjeeling First Flush Express Dhajea FTGFOP-1 Dj 03 black tea

33.00 for hectogram


With an average elevation of around 1000m above sea level, the Dhajea tea garden occupies an area that used to be a large forest of Rungbong trees on the bank of the Balason River. The Buddhist Lepchas, who dominated the Darjeeling area, traditionally hoisted 108 flags during their special prayer rituals. Driving through the breathtaking vistas of the North Eastern Himalayas, one is greeted by hundreds of Buddhist prayer flags flying high on bamboo poles and strung on lines at the high passes. “Dhaja” means flag in the Lepcha language and over the years, the estate came to be called Dhajea—the place of prayer flags.


First Flush of 2021 from Darjeeling, from the Dhajea garden (FTGFOP-1 Dj 03). The leaf is light in colour and thin in shape, the scent is very fresh, like freshly cut grass. The liqueur is characterised by an incredible freshness and the delicacy of Darjeeling's First Flush, with soft bitter notes in the aftertaste.


1 teaspoon
3-5 minutes

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