Mon Amour Fruit Infusion

7.40 for hectogram

Description Mon Amour Fruit Infusion

Mon Amour is the Infusion of the Heart. To dedicate to a special person, to give a sweet moment to share or just for yourself. With a delicious fruity taste of apple, pear and tropical fruits, it is embellished with pretty pink sugar hearts.

Ingredients Mon Amour Fruit Infusion

Roasted apple bits, roasted pear bits, apple, candied ananas, candied mango, YOGURT crispies (contains LOW-FAT YOGURT), flavour, sugar hearts (contains PEANUT OIL), rose blossoms, ascorbic acid. (Nutr. values 100ml: En.13kJ/3kcal, fat<0,1g (sat. <0,1g), carb. 0,7g (sugar 0,3g), protein 0,3g, salt 0,01g)

Preparation Mon Amour Fruit Infusion

1 tablespoon
5 - 10 minutes

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