Moringa Life Tree Herbal Tea

8.40 for hectogram

Description Moringa Life Tree Herbal Tea

The Moringa tree grows in almost every southtropical country, and is native to the Himalayan region, a mountain range that separates India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Bhutan from China. The Moringa tree then spread within the ancient world throughout North Africa, and is now distributed worldwide. Moringa is a true gift of nature, rich in nutrients and therefore very important for the health of people and animals: thus a healthy and exquisite tasting blend is born.

Ingredients Moringa Life Tree Herbal Tea

Moringaleaves from India (26,5%), candied pineapple bits, strawberry leaves, candied papaya bits, lemon grass, natural flavour, candied mango bits, mallow blossoms, banana bits, lychee bits. (Nutr. values 100ml: En. 16kJ/42kcal, fat<0,5g (sat. <0,1g), carb. 0,9g (sugar 0,9g), protein <0,5g, salt <0,01g)

Preparation Moringa Life Tree Herbal Tea

1 tablespoon
5 - 10 minutes

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