Tropical Moringa Fruit Infusion

7.80 for hectogram


Pineapple, papaya and moringa leaves: a fresh blend that transports you to a fantastic tropical climate. Tropical Moringa is a sweet and thirst-quenching infusion that is 100% natural. Preparation: 3 tablespoons of the infusion in 500 l of water at 100° and infuse for 10 minutes. Shake and add about 12 ice cubes.


Apple bits (Apple, acidifier: citric acid), raisins, carrot bits, beetroot bits, candied pineapple bits, candied papaya bits, natural flavour, moringa leaves (2%), lemon peel, maracuja pieces. (Nutr. values 100ml: En. 16kJ/4kcal, fat <0,5g (sat. <0,1g), carb. 0,9g (sugar 0,9g), protein <0,5g, salt <0,01g)


1 tablespoon

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