Darjeeling FTGFOP First Flush Express DJ2 Phoobsering Bio

33.00 for hectogram


The Phoobsering plantation, part of the Chamong group, is one of Darjeeling's most historic gardens. It was established in 1860 and is now 100% certified organic. For more than 150 years it has stood at an altitude of 1850m above sea level.


First Flush of 2022 from Darjeeling, from the Phoobsering garden (FTGFOP Dj 02). The thin leaf smells of lily of the valley and exudes an enveloping aroma of freshly cut grass. The liqueur is characterised by an incredible freshness and the delicacy of Darjeeling's early harvests. Certified organically grown: IT BIO 013.


1 teaspoon
3-5 minutes

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