Corea OP Jeju Green Tea Bio

14.50 for hectogram

Description Corea OP Jeju Green Tea Bio

One says that the first tea seeds were planted in 828 a.C and between 918 and 1392 a.C. the tea ceremony became popular. First official tea rooms with tea ceremonies were established. Only since 1980 Korean tea is produced in larger quantities so that smaller quantities can be also exported and are not only for the domestic tea consumption. The tea is harvested within a quite short period (within 7 days, mainly by the end of June).

Ingredients Corea OP Jeju Green Tea Bio

This tea comes from Jeju Island in Korea which belongs to the world natural heritage of the Unesco. This Korean tea fascinates by its mild, smooth character and the leaf appearance shows a dark green, open, slightly twisted leaf. The taste is comparable to the taste of fine Japanese Sencha teas. *organic IT BIO 013

Preparation Corea OP Jeju Green Tea Bio

1 teaspoon
2-3 minutes

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