Mediterranean Herbal Tea

12.40 for hectogram

Description Mediterranean Herbal Tea

Mediterranean Herbal Tea combines a delicious taste of pomegranate, strawberry and raspberry with all the valuable properties of two highly sought-after herbs: Sideritis Syriaca, also known as Greek Mountain, a plant with soothing properties, a valuable friend against cold, sore throat and flu symptoms; Lemon Balm, renowned for its many properties such as antioxidant, digestive and relaxing.

Ingredients Mediterranean Herbal Tea

Apple pieces, flavored pear pieces (pears, acidifier: Tartaric acid, water), mountain Greek tea, lemongrass, vine leaves, natural flavoring, pomegranate flowers and seeds, pomegranate granules (pomegranate juice concentrate, cornstarch), lemon balm, strawberry pieces, raspberry pieces, cornflower flowers.

Preparation Mediterranean Herbal Tea

1 tablespoon
5 - 8 minutes

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