Purity Herbal Tea FES

6.50 a piece

Description Purity Herbal Tea FES

A delicately sweet and aromatic blend that gives a feeling of lightness and inner cleansing. The herbal tea is enhanced with spirulina, an algae with high nutritional value, and peony leaves, a symbol of longevity and beauty.

Ingredients Purity Herbal Tea FES

Blackberry leaves, apple, verbena, fennel seeds, aloe vera, peony petals, sage, lavender flowers, natural flavour, spirulina. Brewing time: 5-8 min. 95° (V. nutriz. 100ml: En. 4kJ/1kcal, grassi <0,1g (sat. <0,1g), carb. 0,1g (z. 0,1g), prot. <0,1g, sale <0,01g)

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